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Sunday 15 July 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Has Caricom not lost its way?

THE EDITOR: We have just witnessed another Intersessional Meeting of the Presidents and Prime Ministers of Caricom in Haiti at which some prominence was given to the matter of the need for some measure of political control of Cricket West Indies (CWI), presumably via the Caricom Secretariat.

Once again, there has been apprehension as to whether the heads have not been failing in their ability to forward the Caribbean integration movement after the bold initiative by the three Bs (Barrow, Burnham and Bird) in mounting, 50 years ago, a “second best” following the collapse of the West Indies Federation.

Even now, have the heads not failed to establish the much-heralded Caribbean Single Market and Economy? What of the Caribbean Court of Justice?

I am wondering whether the heads are not aware that they have, on their plates, so many issues of relative more importance with which they ought to be dabbling rather than with issues surrounding cricket? What of the issues of national security, international terrorism and crime?

While the dearth attending West Indies cricket has provided the fillip for possible intervention by the heads, I venture to suggest that the problem which has arisen has its roots in more deep-seated phenomena than the matter of “control” of the game and allowing greater accountability.

It is my view that it is to be found in our inability, for whatever causes to produce citizens of the eminence and professionalism with which the region had been blessed yesteryears.

Are we aware that our region has produced three Nobel laureates in Sir Arthur Lewis (economics), Sir Derek Walcott (literature), both from St Lucia, and Vidya Naipaul (literature) (TT)? In cricket the Headleys, the three Ws (Worrell, Weekes, Walcott), the Vivian Richardses, the Clive Lloyds, the Brian Laras, the Andy Robertses, the Michael Holdings, the Courtney Walshes and the Curtley Ambroses?

Where are the Lloyd Bests, the William Demases and the George Beckfords, among others?

I see not the likes.

Unfortunately, the same scenario can be repeated in all our professional classes and while it would be preposterous of me to be expecting the region to produce, in their abundance, the likes of Eric Williams, the Manleys (Norman and Michael), Grantley Adams, Cheddi Jagan and Alexander Bustamante, it is my view that the problems visiting our cricket are but a reflection of a much wider malaise which may have its roots in many socio-economic factors with the current education system of our region being accorded a place of prominence.

The heads should take heed.

ERROL OC CUPID, Trincity, Tacarigua

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