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Saturday 20 July 2019
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I never knew I made a demon

 The house in Sobo Village, La Brea where on Tuesday the bodies of four people - a man, a woman and two teenaged girls were found. PHOTO BY VASHTI SINGH
The house in Sobo Village, La Brea where on Tuesday the bodies of four people - a man, a woman and two teenaged girls were found. PHOTO BY VASHTI SINGH


CLUTCHING her chest in grief and shock yesterday, the mother of the man suspected of killing four people in La Brea on Tuesday night, says she never expected one of her nine children would turn out to be a demon. She spoke with Newsday at her Point Fortin home yesterday. The 62-year-old woman is pleading with her third-born son to surrender to police.

The victims are Michael Scott, 69; Abigail Chapman, 41; Abigail’s daughter Olivia Chapman, 16; and Olivia’s schoolmate Michaela Mason, 14. Police say the main suspect is a man who was involved in a relationship with Abigail. “Give up yourself because hiding is not making any sense,” said the woman.

“Talk to the officers and tell them what caused you to do those things, you are making it worse, and if you know you do the crime, you have to serve the time. Instead of you hiding, is better you talk to God and surrender. You done do it – is four people you kill. You ain’t kill one, you kill four.”

She said her son, who is 36, had been in a relationship with Abigail since 2015. He was employed as a mason and the two lived together for some time. However, two weeks ago, her son returned home and brought most of his clothes.

“I saw him Sunday gone. He came the morning and lie down on the couch. Two weeks now he down here by me. He used to come a little regular, but for about three or four months we didn’t see him and then he started back to come, like when he and the girl had problems. I saw him tote clothes. I ask him ‘Boy, like you move out from up there?’ But he was still telling me no.”

She tried to talk to him about his problems but he was silent and withdrawn. Describing herself as a praying woman, the mother said she recently, “got a dream” that something bad would happen to her son. “I come and tell him, ‘You need to be careful, something bad coming your way, careful. Look to Jesus for anything bad coming your way’.”

She said as a young man, her son had accompanied her to church on many occasions. “What you going to tell God now? God don’t want to see you now. I am sure he is sorry now. He know to himself he will die because is plenty people he kill. I was saying when you kill one, you killed the second one – you could have checked yourself – you killed the third one, you still couldn’t catch yourself going down the road?”

When asked about her sentiments towards the families of the victims, the woman began to weep. “I am so very sorry for what happened, it is hurting me a lot. Sometimes I think about it and tears coming out of my eyes because I know how it is with families when they lose their loved ones.

“It is real hard and then the man that he killed from upstairs (Scott), I hear he just come to make peace and you beat the man so bad, bash in his head. I am very sorry that happen.” She said police had been to her home on several occasions since the incident, taking statements and interviews.

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