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Friday 21 September 2018
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Wonderful entertainment at Music Festival

Students of St Joseph Convent, San Fernando perform en route to winning the Lorna Daly Cup yesterday at the Music Festival championship round at the Naparima Bowl in San Fernando. PHOTO BY LINCOLN HOLDER


LUSTY applause filled Naparima Bowl auditorium as Naparima Girls’ High School was declared the winner of the Junior Calypso Chorale, the highlight of the first of two days of championship yesterday.

Choir master and former music teacher Bernadette Roberts who came out of her retirement to train the Naps Girls, jumped off her seat and punched a clenched fist in the air as adjudicator Dorothy Howden awarded them the Malick Folk Performing Company Trophy. The reaction was expected as the competition was stiff, with three equally strong competitors.

The all girls choir who performed a catchy arrangement of Shadow’s Dingolay, had the audience on their feet, clapping and singing along to the infectious rhythm as they made their way off the stage on the first day of Championship in San Fernando. Bishop’s Anstey High School choir, followed with an equally entertaining arrangement of Kitchener’s Love in the Cemetery. Commenting on how late the morning session ended, Howden said the infectious body of music brought out by the splendid singers and musicians allowed time to easily slip away. She said it was a wonderful way to end the first morning of Championship in South, thanking at the same time, southerners for their hospitality.

Earlier in the competition, as she and fellow judges Belinda Mickhail and Dr Richard Tang Yuk compared notes in their quest to declare winners in the Boys Piano Solo (13-15) and the Secondary School Choirs (Upper Voices), Tang Yuk exclaimed loudly, “this is hard choice.” Howden who later delivered the results, told the performers and the singers the delay, “is your fault. Your fault for giving us so much wonderful music,” adding, “the long wait is a complement to your performance.”

In the Piano Solo category, Nicholas Gooding’s performance of Fon Fon (Toot Toot) by Ernesto Nazareth placed him ahead of his class and earned him the Laurence Hawkins Trophy.

She awarded the Republic Bank Junior Challenge Trophy to Bishop’s Anstey High School Choir. Today, the curtains will come down on the Championship rounds at the Naparima Bowl.

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