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Monday 24 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Why is boxed,bottled winesame price?

THE EDITOR: Sunday afternoon and I am relaxing and enjoying a glass of bottled wine, much as men enjoy their beer. I prefer to drink the boxed wine because it was more economical and lasts for weeks due to the elimination of air intake which causes oxidation and a sour taste to wine.

The cheaper cost of boxed wine has to do with the costly process of bottling, corking and shipping of the bottled variety. Rectangular boxing is more space efficient for transporting as compared to a carton of bottled wine which is also heavy.

I have travelled to many countries and found that a good boxed wine is considerably cheaper than the comparable bottled wine, volume for volume. I therefore must ask why is boxed wine in Trinidad now being sold at the same price as bottled wine and hardly seen on the shelves anymore? Did the Customs and Excise people get it wrong here? I am sure there are many like me asking the same questions.

Surely, during this time of scarce foreign exchange we should be encouraged to get the maximum volume for a lower price, which is what boxed wine offers. We continue to waste our foreign exchange importing bottled wine rather than giving the option to those who prefer to save money consuming boxed wine. I call on those in authority to fix this anomaly.



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