TT hoteliers to benefit from C&W interactive TV

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CABLE and Wireless Business (C&W Business) says its suite of information technology (IT) solutions for the hospitality sector will boost the product being offered by TT’s hoteliers.

They “can enhance their guests’ viewing experience with (our) Next Generation Hospitality Interactive TV solution,” the company said. Hoteliers can save time and money by using the new system because it “can be deployed across any type of infrastructure” – there is no need to spend money on new cabling and no lost revenue while rooms are renovated.

The Next Generation Hospitality Interactive TV solution is part of C&W Business’ Hospitality Suite, whose features include “an easy-to-use programme guide to help hotel guests find their favourite TV channel or discover specific hotel information such as restaurants, bars and local attractions.”

Another feature allows hotel guests to control in-room TVs from their Smartphones as well as access TV content on their iOS and Android mobile devices. Noting that tourism is one of TT’s diversification pillars, the company argued that using its service “is an important step toward enhancing the products being offered in tourism and hospitality sectors to attract more visitors.”


"TT hoteliers to benefit from C&W interactive TV"

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