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Monday 24 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Time to end the old talk and act

THE EDITOR: There are political and social commentators who agree with many of the suggestions I have been making over the years. Among the many are:

*The immediate need to restructure our system of governance with specific attention to local government reform.

* Restructure our security administration and judicial system to allow for safe communities and swift justice.

* Pay critical attention to agriculture to ensure some level of food security and foreign exchange earnings.

* Restructure tourism to make it a pillar of a new economic plan.

* Start the process of weaning the economy off petroleum-based energy products to a model of multiple input, including tourism, manufacturing, port services, technology-based industries, agriculture and food processing.

There are many very good and practical suggestions from patriots locally and abroad. Gary Griffith’s contribution on security, Mariano Brown’s contribution on the economy, Vasant Bharath’s contribution on agriculture and other contributions on infrastructure, tourism, culture and education indicate that there is no shortage of great ideas.

What TT needs at this time is for the coming together of minds and people dedicated to rebuilding our nation. There is immediate need for patriots to leave their egos outside the door and enter into a place of agreement on doing that which is best for our nation. Leadership is a critical aspect of this endeavour.

The required changes and strategic planning must be led by a leader that can be trusted. Such a leader cannot be seen as one influenced by ethnic, religious or sectarian ties. The legitimacy of such a leader can only be achieved by a fair electoral process.

I strongly suggest three public debates on why one should be the leader for TT currently. Afterwards that group should seek 41 representatives to contest the next general election after an agreement on a plan to move our nation forward.

Alternatively, the old talk and commentary will continue and the two major political parties will continue to divide our people as they continue their political domination. Unless those parties undergo major internal restructuring and change, there is little they can do to effect the changes required to improve the quality of life in TT.

STEVE ALVAREZ via e-mail


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