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Monday 24 September 2018
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Attorney’s office broken into


St Vincent Street, Port of Spain office of attorney Nyree Alphonso was broken into early yesterday, but nothing was stolen. The office is close to the Central Police Station, in what is known as the “Pink Building”.

Yesterday, Alphonso told Newsday she did not wish to speculate as to why her office was broken into, but feels the intention was to secure information electronically or to obtain hard-copy information.

The outspoken attorney said she arrived shortly after 6.30 am and discovered the blinds at the front of the office dislodged and when she looked inside, she saw documents strewn on the floor. She said a bolt was unlocked and although all the computers were intact but there was a file with bank records on the floor.

Alphonso went to the Central Police Station and spoke with PC Rodriguez, who took a report, and officers led by Cpl Best and others responded. Alphonso said she will now install surveillance cameras.

“I always thought that I was safe because of the close proximity to the police station, but I guess I was wrong. Now I am forced to do the right thing and put some security measures in place,” she said.

She maintained that she did not wish to speculate whether the break-in was politically motivated or had anything to do with a legal matter that was to be head in the Court of Appeal yesterday. In that matter, Government has appealed the court’s decision to award Alphonso’s company for alleged failure to pay outstanding fees. Former government minister Devant Maharaj, who was informed of the break-in, was critical of the response of the police in dealing with Alphonso’s report.

He said they should at least have heard the alarm when it was triggered.


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