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Friday 21 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Only students suffer from the sabotage

THE EDITOR: Having looked at pictures of the filthy items found in the sewer system of the Balmain Presbyterian Primary School, which resulted in the school being shut down for several weeks, I agree with Education Minister Anthony Garcia that our schools are being sabotaged by people with disturbed minds. The television pictures of pieces of clothing, bottles, books, rocks and other unrecognisable items left me feeling disgusted and angry that there are such immoral people in this country who would shut down a school by deliberately clogging the toilets just to try and embarrass the Government. The tragic reality is that when our schools are shut down because of the actions of these bad people, it is the students who suffer by being out of school, which could result in many of them not passing their examinations. And those who don’t are less employable and more at risk of getting into a life of crime.

Such is the negative chain reaction that this kind of terrible action can lead to. Therefore, I am calling on the school authorities to do all within their power to prevent this sabotage. I can imagine how much money it’s costing the Ministry of Education to have these sewer systems unclogged and cleaned. In this “guava season,” this is money which could be better spent on further developing the education system to the benefit of our students.


Rio Claro

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