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Friday 21 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Hope is not lost

THE EDITOR: Last Sunday, I took my kids to play phagwa at Reform Recreation Ground. They came home from school during the week with fliers stating that the councillor for that area was hosting phagwa celebrations for the second consecutive year. But when I looked at the name “Hosein” I thought to myself: “How can a Muslim person be promoting a Hindu festival?”

As it turns out, he did, in fact host, quite a sizeable celebration and I was left somewhat amazed at the fact that we can live in such a wonderful country where we can join in each other’s religious beliefs without conflict.

Imagine for a second, it took someone of Islamic faith to promote and preserve a Hindu festival in a small, quiet village where the people seemed to be just waiting for opportunities like this to come together as a community. TT is truly a blessed place and although there are many problems that we face, it’s the little things like this that gives me hope that someday my children will grow up in a country that I want for them. All hope is not lost.

Karen Deonarine, Gasparillo

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