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Friday 21 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Walkabout by cops a waste

THE EDITOR: I am yet to understand why there is need for the Police Commissioner, the Chief of Defence Staff and the heads of the other State security arms to be walking about Port of Spain on Carnival days with the Minister of National Security on what is, obviously, a publicity stunt.

On Carnival Tuesday, at least six senior police officers were in the party with acting Commissioner Stephen Williams. I see this as an absolute waste of supervisory manpower since those senior officers could have been providing a better service elsewhere. That walkabout is a charade, if you ask me.

In fact, the commissioner should have been on horseback with an orderly accompanying him and he should have been moving freely along the parade route and between the competition venues.

In days gone by, the commissioner, his deputies and assistant commissioners would have been on horseback. Everard Snaggs was the last commissioner to be seen atop a horse on Carnival days.

Please stop this charade and let the commissioner do what he should be doing on those days instead of “gallerying” through the town with the politicians.

God bless the late James Porter Reid and Francis Eustace Bernard for being true police commissioners.


Diego Martin

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