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Saturday 20 April 2019
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Calls for Marabella youths to get help


MOST of the crimes in Marabella are being committed by youths between the ages 15 and 25.

This was the claim on Wednesday of resident Michael Maurice at a TT Police Service town meeting at the Battoo Avenue recreation ground.

Maurice said the leaders have turned their backs on the youths of the area. “It is clear that there are no sporting activities taking place here as the recreation grounds are overgrown.” He said no one is willing to invest the time and effort in guiding the youths of Marabella. Responding to Maurice, Deputy Commissioner Deodat Dulalchan called on Sgt Ganga of the Marabella police station to work towards establishing a police youth club in the area,

“I will send the forms and I am asking the residents of this area to come forward and work alongside the police in developing the youths in sports and other social skills through the youth club,” Dulalchan said.

Marabella East councillor Arnold Soogrim said there are abandoned houses in Marabella on the old train line and this has given rise to an increase in criminal activities including prostitution and drugs. The abandoned houses, which he described as shacks, were left by squatters who were given HDC houses and have moved out of the area.

Soogrim said Marabella is the hub for several people who work at the Point Lisas industrial estate and there is need for a greater police presence to reduce the level of traffic during peak hours. He said the traffic problem also exists on a Sunday when people go to the market there.

“There are, obviously, a lot of vendors selling on the streets and this causes traffic congestion.”

He said there are other issues affecting the people of nearby Tarouba where there is a lack of streetlights. Soogrim suggested that police increase their patrols in the area.

Residents claimed police often complain that there are no vehicles available to respond to calls for assistance. Snr Supt Zamsheed Mohammed said the availablity of vehicles is not an issue as the neighbouring police stations also patrol the Marabella areas.

Cheryl George told Dulalchan that she has been trying, without success, to get information from the police in order to complete an insurance claim after her car was hit by another. Dulalchan asked officers to look into the matter. He urged residents to ensure they get a reciept from police when they make a complaint at the station. This, he says, will be proof that a complaint was made to the police.

Also present were Senior Supts Yusuff Gaffar and Rohan Pardassie.

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