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Friday 21 September 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Stricter penalties needed

THE EDITOR: I would like to commend the officers of the Chaguanas CID for taking the initiative by working undercover to arrest and charge the fake photographer. For too long we have seen young women answering ads in the newspaper for jobs and never to be seen after or being found dead. Also the officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force deserve commendation for raiding the drug den in Mt Lambert.

On the other hand, I would like to see fines and sentences increased. We are operating on 1950, 1960 penalties. The crime committed must reflect the punishment for example:

1. The gentleman found wearing a full army kit given fifteen months. No! I say twenty years.

2. The man charged for beating an eight-year-old boy to death with a piece of iron; how can this man be charged with manslaughter and be currently out on bail! Really?

3. A nineteen-year-old rapes a twelve-year-old, given two-year imprisonment. His excuse – He thought she was older than that. So is it ok to rape someone older?

With guns being used everyday in this country either for murder or robbery, if found with a gun the punishment – and I say punishment for we must accept there are consequences for wrong actions – should be twenty-five years to life.

It is time that we get our act together and deal with these fines and sentences.

Wendy Wescott

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