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Sunday 21 April 2019
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‘Mama Pimp’: I didn’t encourage my child


THE Morvant woman accused by her 13-year-old daughter of forcing her into prostitution has admitted to Child Protection Unit police that she was a former call girl, but insists she did not encourage her daughter into that lifestyle.

The woman also described her daughter as being troublesome from an early age and she sought assistance from friends and relatives to reign in the child but that never worked.

In fact, the woman claimed that her daughter got into prostitution all by herself and despite threats, the teen continued.

The woman gave these revelations to officers of the Western and North Eastern Divisions’ Child Protection Unit (CPU) during separate interviews but is yet to give a signed statement.

On Carnival Friday, a video was uploaded to Facebook in which the woman’s daughter claimed she was forced into prostitution at Murray Street, Woodbrook.

The teen claimed her mother charged men customers’ $500 for sexual encounters with her (the teen). The girl said she was fed up of this life and wanted the authorities to intervene.

The teen was found a few days later in Tunapuna and taken to St Jude’s Home for Girls. A medical report was obtained after the teen was medically examined.

Officers carried out a search for the mother without success until she went to the police station yesterday. Officers of the Child Protection Unit assigned to Western Division said yesterday the woman was told to return at a later date because the teen is yet to provide all of the details to investigators.

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