Make US forensic reports public


DILLIAN Johnson – who is said to be a friend of Chief Justice Ivor Archie – has challenged the CJ to produce the US forensic reports which allegedly prove photos of Johnson and his WhatsApp messages are fake.

He has also urged president-elect Justice Paula-Mae Weekes to call on Archie to make the forensic reports public.

Johnson’s call for disclosure was made in an e-mailed statement from the Peter Tatchell Foundation in the United Kingdom. Its founder, British human rights advocate Peter Tatchell, is representing Johnson in his UK asylum bid. Tatchell previously said Johnson was gay and alleged that attempts had been made to silence him.

In his statement, Johnson said, “I am concerned that there is a homophobic element to these issues.”

Tatchell has said that Johnson fled to the UK seeking asylum after he was shot in what he feared was a murder attempt to silence him.

Johnson rejected allegations that the CJ gave him any improper favours and said Archie should not be judged or penalised.

Johnson, 35, said yesterday, “The Chief Justice claims that he engaged US forensic experts who have determined that my photos and WhatsApp messages are fake. I challenge Ivor Archie to make the forensic report public and urge our president-elect, Paula-Mae Weekes, to require him to do so. It is in the public interest that the truth, be established.

“The Chief Justice’s sabbatical leave looks like an attempt to evade public scrutiny and accountability. Media reports that the Chief Justice gave me improper favours are untrue. I never asked the Chief Justice to assist with my housing. We never even discussed it. I did not receive any housing from him.

“I told the Chief Justice that I would like the judicial security contract to be granted to my company. He said he would need to discuss it with the relevant authorities. Archie later told me that he could not assist with my request because he did not have the right or authority to make such a decision.

“On the questions of my housing and the security contract, the Chief Justice did no wrong. It is true that I went to Guyana but all my costs were paid for by me – not Ivor Archie. Again, I do not believe that he did anything wrong.”


"Make US forensic reports public"

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