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Friday 21 June 2019
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Singh discharged from hospital


SENATOR Avinash Singh was discharged from the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) yesterday afternoon after a bee attack on Sunday. He has several clinic follow-ups scheduled to ensure his vital organs such as the kidneys and liver are free from the bee toxins.

In a Facebook post, Singh wrote that “at 2.00 pm today, (Tuesday) the doctors at the EWMSC that were tending to my care reviewed my condition and discharged me with some scheduled clinic follow-ups.”

He thanked God for another chance at life, and expressed gratitude to the medical staff, his wife Ria, parents, family, relatives, friends, colleagues “and the thousands of well-wishers who all prayed, offered kind words of hope and love that led to my successful recovery. Thank you all once more and God bless,” Singh wrote.

In a brief telephone interview yesterday, Singh described his recovery as “very, very successful”, saying said he was feeling, “much better now”, despite not being able to eat solid foods for the past few days. He is not yet expected to resume work as a parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, as he had been granted an initial sick leave of seven days.

“Yesterday the Prime Minister called me and wished me well and said take as much time to recover (as I needed),” he said. Singh described the incident as a “life-turning point”, saying his advice to fellow farmers is to be prepared at all times and have allergy medications and aerosol insecticides readily available when on the field.

“A good few of my colleagues died from bee stings as well, so thank God I am not one of the statistics. So my own advice would be: take precautions going out. Personal protection is always important. Always have some form of basic medication at all times – you might be alone or get a snake bite, bee sting and might not know you are allergic. So have things like Piriton and aerosol – small steps which could save your life,” he said.

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