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Thursday 20 June 2019
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Rowley meets Muslim leaders amid concern over ISIS nationals

PM Dr Keith Rowley.
PM Dr Keith Rowley.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is expected to meet with the leaders of several Muslim organisations this afternoon at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann's amidst concerns expressed by the US South Command's Admiral Kurt Tidd of increasing radicalisation in TT.

According to sources one of the items earmarked for discussion is the anti-terrorism bill, which drew criticism from some religious leaders who described it as discriminatory against Muslims.

Newsday spoke to one of the leaders expected to attend this afternoon's meeting, Imtiaz Mohammed who confirmed the meeting would be used to address concerns by local Muslims to recent reports of terror activities.

He said Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein is also expected to attend.

A recent publication by American military media outlet, Stars and Stripes revealed Admiral Tidd's concern over a recent increase in terrorist activity in TT citing, reports that TT nationals were affiliated with terror group ISIS and said over 100 TT nationals have been recruited by the organisation.

Newsday spoke public relations officer for Muslims of TT Imtiaz Mohammed, who confirmed the meeting's time and said besides the anti-terrorist bull, there were a number of other concerns, the group intended to raise with the PM, among which included the detention of several persons in relation to a suspected terror attack during Carnival last month.

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