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Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Griffith scoffs at claims

FORMER Minister of National Security Gary Griffith, who was one of the candidates shortlisted for the post of Commissioner of Police, yesterday described as laughable any suggestion that his candidacy was compromised because of his prior working relationship with Police Service Commission (PSC) member Commodore Anthony Franklin.

On Tuesday, during a meeting of the Special Select Committee to review the decision of the PSC on the final candidates for the post of commissioner and deputies, it was revealed that at least two of the shortlisted candidates had working relationships with two PSC members.

It was because of this information that one candidate was almost debarred from the recruitment and selection process, but the PSC, on the advice of a senior counsel, approved the candidate. During the sitting, Franklin admitted one of the candidates had served with him.

Sources also revealed that the PSC’s nominee for Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner, acting DCP Deodath Dulalchan, previously worked at the police fingerprint section with PSC member Dinanath Ramkissoon.

Yesterday Griffith said: “I have never heard such nonsense in my life.

PSC now claims that they were questioning if certain candidates should have been debarred from being shortlisted due to their previous working relationship with PSC members.

What is done in such cases is that those assessing should recuse themselves from the process and not shove their noses into it, as some members of the PSC did. “Additionally, I once again can confirm that, contrary to what is being claimed by some PSC members, at no time was I ever offered to consider the post of Deputy CoP.

I applied for one post only. The PSC chairman asked me if I would consider accepting another post if offered. She never said it was that of Deputy CoP.”

Griffith said he responded that “I only applied for one post, so I cannot see how it can be possible for me to accept anything else if I only applied for one post.

Hence I do not see how the PSC can offer me anything else as it would be contrary to the stipulations of the initial application requirements.”

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