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Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Ganja for full moon pains

PENAL resident Daren Umraw has a particular time to smoke marijuana __ around the full moon.

Umraw, 39, yesterday told San Fernando Magistrate Alicia Chankar that about two days before and after the full moon, he experiences severe headaches. As such, he uses the marijuana to ease his pain.

Umraw, who was shot in the head during an attack by men in 2015, pleaded guilty to marijuana possession. He was arrested by PC Charles of the Penal Police Station on Friday last along the SS Erin Road near Ramai Trace in Debe. He had 1.4 grammes of the illegal narcotic.

Pleading his case, the man explained that on Independence Day (August 31) 2015, two men attacked him in his car. One had a gun and the other, a knife. During the attack he was shot in the head, and ever since the pains have become unbearable. “My head feels like it wants to explode near full moon. I only take a pull now and then two days before and two days after the full moon. When the pain hits, I cannot eat and sleep. Ask anybody, alcohol was my main problem,” Umraw said. “In 2006, I went to rehab. My family could tell you, I turned my life around.”

The magistrate fined him $1,000.

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