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Thursday 18 July 2019
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Williams wants a return of values

By Seeta Persad

ACTING Police Commissioner Stephen Williams is advocating for a social re-wiring to improve society. Speaking at the Masquerade Ball, of the Siparia Police Youth Club, at Market Square, Siparia, on Saturday, Williams said there was a lot of talking but no action to improve society. “It is critical for us to do less talking and do more walking,” Williams advised, adding that he has chosen to reach out to young people, and not only those in police youth clubs.

He said proper values were missing. “The core values that were central in shaping our society in the past are missing today in our adults and therefore they cannot shape the young ones in the way that we would like them to be shaped,” he said. “It is not necessarily about the old time days, because the old time days had hard times. But it is about bringing back those critical values that would have been so evident in communities and the adults within those communities,” he said, adding that the old adage of “it takes a villages to raise a child” has some worth. “It is about how we can work together as a people in the best interest of our children, that will make the difference.”

He said there was no overnight fix to crime and called on his officers to encourage law abiding citizens to do their part.

The Siparia Police Youth Club honoured Williams and 92-year-old World War II veteran Mary Anthony for her work in the Siparia/Fyzabad areas. Anthony worked as an accounts clerk at the Quarter- Master office in the Royal Army Medical Corps, a group responsible for running the British Military Hospital.

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