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Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Cabrera calls out Duke

ALMOST a dozen disgruntled members of the the Banking, Industrial and General Workers Union (Bigwu), led by president Vincent Cabrera, staged a protest outside the office of Public Service Association (PSA) president Watson Duke yesterday calling for him to address concerns of workers and or face the consequences.

Carrying placards, the workers assembled outside the PSA offices in Port of Spain shortly after midday. Speaking with Newsday, Cabrera accused Duke of carrying out an oppressive regime at the Association and called for his immediate resignation. Cabrera cited issues pertaining to the general functioning of the PSA and conflicts regarding pension packages for workers.

“For the last eight years or so, the members of the PSA have been under oppression. Whether its Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) issues for instance, they have men and women using the same washrooms, they have water leaking into the building when rain falls, mouldy walls and about 23 other violations. There is also this issue with the pension plan where workers discovered that the plan is $2M in deficit and not registered with the Central Bank,” Cabrera said.

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