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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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School robbery suspect held

A MAN has been held by police in connection with Thursday’s robbery at Biche Secondary School where an estimated $10,000 and equipment were stolen.

Police reported yesterday that detectives arrested a 38-year-old man from Rio Claro who was questioned about the robbery. They have since been searching for two men in connection with the incident which occurred at about 1.30 am. Two security guards were on duty when two men armed with guns entered the compound and announced a hold-up. The bandits, the report stated, beat the guards then tied their hands. Police said the bandits then proceeded to prise open the school’s vault from which they stole an estimated $10,000. They also stole two brush-cutters. Education Minister Anthony Garcia on Friday said the money included about $8,000 from cafeteria sales and a sum raised by students. Cpl Singh of the Biche police station is investigating.

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