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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Muslim groups call for explanation for Nafeesa’s firing


THE heads of two Muslim organisations are calling for an explanation into the firing of attorney Nafeesa Mohammed from the Prime Minister’s legal team.

They say there may be some political fallout over her firing especially in the San Juan/ Barataria constituency as her family was most active in that area.

Anjuman Sunnat ul Jamaat Association president general Yacoob Ali, in a telephone interview yesterday, said the Mohammed family, which included her influential uncle Kamaluddin Mohammed, had made a significant contribution to the nation’s political landscape.

“There might be some fallout in the San Juan/ Barataria area, there is no doubt about that because in that area the family has been politically minded for years and they have made a contribution in the community at large,” he said.

“So we couldn’t understand the reason. But the Prime Minister is in charge and he can act in whatever way he wishes, but we wonder what sort of reasoning was behind it.”

“She was part of the (legal) team and now she is no longer on the team so the public will be anxious to know what took place and what happened. So from that point of view, we will continue to show an interest in it.”

However Muslims of TT spokesperson Imtiaz Mohammed was less diplomatic saying her firing was a “slap in the face” for all Muslims especially those who had attended a recent meeting with senior government officials to discuss the recent Carnival “threat” in which several Muslim men were arrested .

“This was done in poor taste, it was an immature move and it shows that this an act of discrimination, because you have not given people a reason for this.

“So you leave room for people to feel that you are discriminating now after the plot failed and one of her relatives was held,” he said.

He however discounted any protest demonstration against her firing saying the Muslim community is a “very peaceful community” though reiterated that her termination was a “very poor move” which would strengthen the view that the ruling party did not have any respect for them.

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