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Monday 24 September 2018
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Hyatt employee robbed, put in car trunk


A 23-year-old Hyatt employee was held up, blindfolded, robbed, put in the trunk of a car and driven to Preysal early yesterday, then allowed to go free.

Allyann Justen Andel, of Longdenville, was on her way home around 2.30 am when she was overtaken by the driver of a white panel van who stopped her Mazda Familia wagon by blocking her way.

Three masked men armed with guns got out of the van, pointed guns at her and robbed her of $300, a Samsung phone valued at $2,000, and other valuables.

Andel was then blindfolded and put in the trunk of her wagon. She was driven to Preysal, ordered out allowed to leave. A passerby took her to the Couva Police station, where she was interviewed and gave a statement.

Couva police are investigating.


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