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Friday 19 April 2019
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Woodbrook residents: Hell breaks loose during J’Ouvert

Residents of Woodbrook took to social media yesterday to express their frustration over what they described as one of the worst J’Ouvert celebrations yet as they were awoken from their beds with loud music and their vehicles smothered in paint by revellers early yesterday morning.

Newsday spoke to one resident who asked to remain anonymous who said that residents along Murray and Roberts Streets suffered the worst as they were subjected to loud music from as early as 3 am which did not subside until 6 am. She said in addition to music, the walls of several houses were vandalised and vehicles smothered in paint. “It was as if all hell had broken loose and the devils came out to play. My husband has a heart condition and he started to shake on the bed when the music started blasting. It was dreadful and in all of our years living on this street we’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

The woman who described herself as a popular community figure told Newsday that confrontations erupted between masqueraders and homeowners who tried to protect their properties from being defaced, adding despite a heightened police presence there was no intervention from the authorities.

She said despite the expressed intention from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to enforce stricter noise regulations, there have been no attempts by the authority to minimise noise pollution and criticised officials for their inability to act.

The Woodbrook resident said she called the police who told her she should talk to the revellers herself.

Newsday attempted to contact officials from the EMA for comment but were unsuccessful.

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