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Friday 19 April 2019
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Girl forced into prostitution


A MORVANT woman, accused of forcing her 13 year-old daugher into prostitution, has been questioned and released by police.

The child, however, has since by placed in the St Judes’ Home for Girls in Belmont.

A relative, meanwhile, has called on acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to look into the incident.

The relative said there was evidence that the allegations against the mother were true, but there appeared to be a “cover-up somewhere.”

The relative said two weeks ago the girl fled her Morvant home to seek help.

She sought out social activist Nekisha Byron, also called Delilah, to tell her story.

The relative told Newsday, the child was bleeding as a result of a miscarriage and was in tears.

The girl also said her mother would make her have sex with different men everyday.

“The girl said she is forced to have sex with different men and her mother collects $500 for every session.”

The girl was found in Port of Spain on Friday evening after police and officials of the Children’s Authority intervened.

An official of the Child Protection Unit confirmed that the girl was taken into custody and questioned. She is expected to be medically examined.

In a video, which was posted to social media website Facebook, last week, the girl said her mother was forcing her, and other girls, to “make fares.

“I have a troubled background and I’m asking for help and nobody’s helping me,” she begged.

“My mother is sending me to make fares on Murray Street (in Woodbrook). I’m telling the police but the police are not helping me.”

The girl said her mother beats her and starves her to compel her into prostitution.

A Facebook page, said to be in the name of the girl’s mother, contained several disturbing posts, including photographs of underaged girls posing in revealing clothing and suggestive poses.

The Children’s Authority on Friday reminded the public that under the Children Act 2012, “Anyone who causes or encourages the prostitution of or sexual penetration of a child commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for life.”

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