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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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2018 Queen and King of Carnival

Ravi Lakhan presentation "Balrog bringer of the Apocalypse ' teid for 3rd place (with Marlon Rampersad )at the finals of the Carnival Queens at the Dimanche Gras QPS 11-02-18 PHOTO SUREASH CHOLAI

Roxanne Omalo achieved her goal earlier today, when at about 1.45 am, she was declared the 2018 Queen of Carnival while veteran masquerader, Earl Thompson won King of Carnival for a Peter Minshall-designed costume.

Omalo was the last of the 10 queen finalists to perform during Dimanche Gras on Sunday night at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. She won for her portrayal of Lilith, Mistress of the Eternally Dammed.

The costume, from Antourage Productions' presentation Dance of Mystery, was a mix of vibrant red bands with black and gold accents, framing Lilith's large skeletal frame. On either side of Omalo, were the large faces two monsters, baring their sharp white teeth.

There was no third place queen this year, as the South Queen of Carnival, Gloria Dallsingh – with her costume Gem of the Ocean – tied with Krystal Thomas – with her costume De Head Huntress – for second place.

Speaking with reporters shortly after being crowned queen, Omalo said, "Eight years I've been playing but I told (my team) that before ten, I would win it and I did it tonight. Varma Lakhan and Antourage Productions, well-done."

Thompson's portrayal of Death And The Maiden, The Fancy King Sailor Plays Pegasus, was a crowd favourite from the preliminary round last Tuesday.

The costume is the presentation, The Eyes of God, a collaboration between Minshall's band, The Callaloo Company and Exodus Steel Orchestra.

Sans wheels, the flying horse costume was dependent on Thompson's skill and Minshall's training to ensure its fabric wings stayed unfurled for the judges to fully appreciate the hand-painted images of a naked masquerader on one wing and a skeleton on the other.

"He (Minshall) demonstrated to me, what to do and how to do it. In terms of moving the costume and how to keep the wings flying," Thompson said.

Last year's winner, Ted Eustace from the band Paparazzi, placed second with Dos Bandditos while there was tie for third place between Ravi Lakhan – Balrog, Bringer of the Apocalypse – and Marlon Rampersad – D Midas Touch.


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