Anderson’s swimming passion creating waves

Abiola Anderson
Abiola Anderson


Trinidad and Tobago’s latest entrepreneur Abiola Anderson has been involved in a number of different aspects of swimming in TT.

The 31 year old has graduated from a junior swimmer at the Blue Dolphins Swim Club in St Clair, to coach at the popular club, and now runs her own school. Anderson has not stopped there, as her passion for aquatics has led to her opening a store – The Diving Block – one month ago.

Anderson, who also sells swimming apparel online, decided to open the store because she saw a gap in the market. “I realised that there is no store in Trinidad specifically for swimwear and gear. There are general sports stores that will sell sports stuff for different sports, but none just for swimming,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who coached at Blue Dolphins Swim Club for nine years, opened the Little Nemo’s Swim School two years ago. She is hoping her involvement will see the growth of aquatic sports in TT.

“I know they spoke about the George Bovell (national swimmer) pool for a long time and I think he is yet to get it, but I would love to see more clubs (active) and it (swimming) even being a more core part of the school curriculum.”

Anderson believes swimming is a hobby everyone should have as it can save a life.

“We live on an island and we always go to the beach, and people still don’t know basic water safety.

“There are also too many drownings that take place at the beach. If you go to a pool or even a river lime and you hear that people drown or a young child drown, you know all these things could be avoided if people know basic water safety. It will be good for it to be part of the school curriculum across the board.”

Anderson said opening the swim school was not a challenge, but could not open the store without the support from her family.

“In terms of the swim school, I did not really need any start-up funds, it was just to rent pool time; but for the store it was a lot of work and long nights. It is really savings and help from family I was able to start up the store.”


"Anderson’s swimming passion creating waves"

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