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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Chamely back as SLWA head

The 2018 Syrian Lebanese Women’s Associationexecutive committee. Back row from left are Amanda Rahael, Sofia Laquis, Gina Haidar, Karen Antoni-Koury, Justine Aboud-Chamely and Kimberly Haloute. In front row from left: Genevierve Hadeed, Alicia Chamely, Stephanie Abraham and Melissa Moses.


JUSTINE Aboud-Chamely has been re-elected president of the Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association (SLWA) for one year. She leads a team of 13 women who comprise the executive committee made up of new and returning members.

In her opening address after the election on January 24, recapping SLWA’s work for 2017-2018, Chamely said, “This was an amazing year for the SLWA, not without its challenges, but nothing we could not handle. For 60 years the women of our association have been humble in their approach to giving and we always respect that. But the SLWA does amazing work…and this is not something we should ever be afraid to share. ”

As customary, the SLWA organised the annual end-of-year packing and distribution of 1,500 Christmas food hampers. Chamely said: “It was a huge success at the end of 2017. Every year we are blessed to continue this project and even with the increasing prices of food supplies, the SLWA makes it happen and these hampers are delivered over the length and breadth of Trinidad and Tobago.”

With charitable donations made to over 30 cases in 2017, the value exceeded $500,000 for February 2017- February 2018. Additionally, through smaller initiatives like the Backpack Project, the SLWA donated school supplies to over 50 children in Moruga and Palo Seco during August.

Addressing the increasing economic challenges faced by all, Chamely commented, “Our continued effort to diversify fundraising was a success in 2017 with the Feed The Need initiative launched in the month of November throughout local restaurants. This was able to help secure the success of our ongoing monthly hamper project as we move forward into 2018.”

Chamely was excited about what the current year has in store. “We are always blessed by the kind support we receive from friends and family of the Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association. We are so thankful to our members, who give tirelessly of their time and resources. Our members truly see the act of charity as a sacred duty.”

For more info on the SLWA programmes: www.facebook.com/SLWATrinidad1/ or 286-7592, 287-7592, slwassoc@yahoo.com or PO Box 34, Goodwood Crescent, Goodwood Park, Trinidad.

The new executive:

president : Justine Aboud-Chamely

vice president: Jo-Marie Zakour

past president: Sophia Laquis

senior member: Kimberly Haloute

treasurer: Amanda Rahael

recording secretary: Karen Antoni-Koury

corresponding secretary: Patris Laquis

service chairperson: Gina Haidar

social chairperson: Stephanie Abraham

cultural chairperson: Genevierve Hadeed

public relations officer: Alicia Chamely

membership officer: Melissa Moses

junior member: Rosemarie Abed

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