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Friday 19 April 2019
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Fuad: Murray will win any challenge against him


FORMER Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan is convinced that Dr Conrad Murray would win any legal matter brought against him by the TT Medical Board should the board contest his eligibility to practise medicine locally.

Murray, the personal physician of pop superstar Michael Jackson, was implicated in Jackson’s death in 2009 and was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter. He was convicted and sentenced to four years in jail, of which he reportedly served two years.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Khan described Murray as an “excellent cardiologist with futuristic thinking” who could bring relief to thousands of stroke patients locally.

He said Murray had been properly registered in TT and had only to pay his retention fee which would enable him to keep his medical license open.

“He has been registered in TT prior to him going away and once you are registered in this country and you have not been disciplined as a result of being struck off, then you are fully registered to practise.”

Khan said a letter of good standing only applied to new doctors from foreign jurisdictions who wanted to practise medicine locally. “It is only people who are going to be newly registered, from India, Nigeria or the States or wherever, those who have not been registered have to then supply a letter of good standing from the medical council of the country that they are coming from.”

Khan said whatever happened to Murray in the Jackson affair cannot now be used against him by the local medical board as he has already paid his dues in the US. He said Murray had told him of a proposal to establish a stroke centre where he would utilise interventional systems to prevent strokes from occurring and strokes from continuing.

Calls to the medical centre where Murray was reportedly working went unanswered. The medical board requested that all queries be emailed to its secretary.

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