Fireman shot


A 32-year-old fire officer was shot at his Chaguanas home by police who visited in an attempt to execute a search warrant on Saturday evening.

According to reports, John Gilalte, who works at the San Juan Fire Station was at home with his sister at 9 pm when Chaguanas police showed up and attempted to execute a search warrant with respect to a report they (the police) received. One of the officers attempted to arrest Gilalte and a struggle ensued during which, a policeman’s pistol was discharged and the fireman slumped to the ground on being shot in the stomach. He was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope where he underwent emergency surgery. Police said that the fireman remains warded in critical but stable condition. Doctors reported that several internal organs were ruptured by the bullet. A plea was made to the public yesterday for four pints of blood for Gilalte who doctors said, is conscious. Newsday was told that several of Gilalte’s colleague’s have expressed a willingness to donate blood. Investigations are continuing.


"Fireman shot"

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