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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Mom: Charge my daughter’s abuser


Two years after her daughter complained that her father pushed his finger into her vagina, a 33-year-old Sangre Grande mother is questioning why no charges have been brought against the perpetrator.

Speaking with Sunday Newsday yesterday, the mother of two presented documents from independent sources corroborating her daughter’s claims. A signed medical report from Dr Elijah Fagorala of the Arima Health Facility stated the child, then two, had an absent hymen caused by a blunt force object used with a severe degree of force. The child on January 18, 2016, told her grandmother that her father inserted his finger in her and placed his mouth on her vagina. The matter was reported on January 23 that year. The medical report was dated that day. The mother explained that she was in hospital during the date of the incident to the day the report was made at the Sangre Grande Child Protection Unit. The date on which her daughter was assaulted, she gave birth to another girl, but not for her elder child’s father.

Since the matter was reported the girl, now four, gave a statement on February 19, 2016, then September 23 and lastly on April 23, 2017. The mother said she was informed by the investigating officer WPC Williams-James that her daughter needed to inform her personally of what took place before the matter can go forward.

“All I want is for them to do their job. The only way I was able to get anything done was to call a senior police officer,” the mother said adding that while there is a custody battle for the child she has nothing to gain from making false accusations.

The mother said she, in frustration, vented on Facebook and was contacted by several women who also have issues with their reports not being properly investigated by the Child Protection Unit. She said one of the women will form a support group to help other mothers who may be losing hope.

The woman said from the date the matter was reported to December last year, the child has had no contact with her abuser but a Family Court judge has ordered supervised visits which the child is supposed to attend every Saturdays for two hours. Defying the court order, the child was taken to two sessions after her behaviour changed drastically. The child is currently being counselled and the Children’s Authority is involved in the case.

“You have a perpetrator and a two year-old child. Why not believe the two-year-old victim?” the mother asked. Contacted yesterday, head of the Child Protection Unit Supt Beverly Rodriguez said she was not in office but will look into the matter as it was unfamiliar to her. Rodriguez said the situation is disturbing but will not be able to comment further until she is apprised of all the facts.

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