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Friday 21 September 2018
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Devon Seale sings first today

CALYPSO ROYALS: Duane O’Connor, Karene Asche and Devon Seale, three former National Calypso monarchs who will be on stage today at the Calypso Fiesta at Skinner Park, San Fernando.

DEVON Seale will sing first today at Skinner Park in San Fernando, to start the National Calypso Monarch 2018 semi-final.

The 2016 National Calypso monarch is the first of 40 calypsonians who will be vying for one of the 15 places in the final, which comes off Dimanche Gras night on Carnival Sunday.

The reigning Calypso Monarch is Hollis “Mighty Chalkdust” Liverpool.

Seven other former monarchs are also in the Calypso Fiesta line-up, including Roderick “Chuck” Gordon, who last won the competition in 2015, Duane O’Connor in 2012, Karene Asche in 2011, Kurt Allen in 2010, Michael “Sugar Aloes” Osouna in 2008, Weston “Cro Cro” Rawlins in 2007 and Sandra “Singing Sandra” Des Vignes-Millington in 2003.

Newcomer to the competition Aaron “Voice” St Louis, the reigning Soca Monarch, sings in position 17.

He is being touted as one of the front runners to take the crown, given a very successful season.

Calypso Queen 2018, Stacey Sobers will take the stage just before Voice in position 16, while Humorous Calypso monarch Myron B sings at 14.

The order of appearance for Calypso Fiesta is:

Devon Seale singing Not Red or Yellow

Karene Asche, Song of Inspiration

Weston “Cro Cro” Rawlins, Belated

Maria La Caille, Let Her Go

Dexter “Stinger” Parsons, Chinese Tuition

Ezekiel Yorke, A Cash Less Society

Carlton Louison, Glorified Gangster

Ronaldo London, Tomorrow

Giselle Fraser Washington, Plenty Talk

Kerine Williams-Figaro, Reparation

Curlissa Charles Mapp, D Circus

Candice Robinson, The Struggle is Real

Stephen Marcelle, What About Us

Myron Bruce, The Great Nation

Wendy Garrick, Salvage Tomorrow

Stacey Sobers, Calypso Capital

Aaron St Louis, Year For Love

Terri Lyons, Un Natural Causes

Helon Francis, Change

Carlos James, All Cutback

Tammico Moore, Muzzle D Dog

Winston Scarborough, Journey of the


Sandra Des Vignes-Millington, Power in Song

Victoria Cooper-Rahim, Shattered Home

Roderick Gordon, Campaign Truck

Brian London, I Playing Police

Roslyn Reid, The Cry of Tobago

Joanne Rowley, Rowley to Rowley

Kurt Allen, Circle Square Science

Alana Sinnette-Khan, Dead Beat

Shirlane Hendrickson, Property Tax

Alex Gift, Who is the Fake

Rondell Donawa, De Problem

Selvon Noel, Rebellion

Marsha Clifton, Let Them Know

Michael Osouna, Finally

Duane O’Connor, No Front Page

Heather Mac Intosh-Simon, The Survey

Henson Wright, All I Ask

Michael Legerton, We Could Do Better Than That.

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