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Sunday 21 July 2019
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Teen girls drugged, impregnated

Two pregnant teenage girls are assisting police as best as they can to identify the men who impregnated them. But thanks to what police believe is a date-rape drug, they are of little help. As a result, police are again warning people and in particular women, to be wary of anyone offering them drinks.

According to police reports, four months ago, a 17-year-old Morvant girl, the daughter of a police officer, met a man at a cinema. Two weeks later she saw the man in Port of Spain and, being familiar with him, accepted an offer of a ride home.

During the ride she was offered a bottle of water. The ride began at 9 am and she awoke at 1 pm.

She felt woozy and a bit sore, she said, but thought nothing of it. Last week she made a report to the Child Protection Unit after realising she was pregnant.

On the same day, another teen came in pregnant and also unaware of how it happened. She was accompanied by her sister.

The child, who lives in Maracas St Joseph, said she attended a party six weeks ago and now is pregnant. She is adamant she has never had sexual intercourse in her life, but somehow ended up being with child. Police suspect that in both cases the children were drugged and raped.

Police are therefore reiterating their call, especially during the Carnival period, to be extra-vigilant about who they accept drinks from and about leaving their drinks unattended.

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