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Sunday 21 July 2019
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Man murdered in Barataria

Homicide detectives and family members of Russell Seaton, 58, of St Francois Valley Road, Belmont were yesterday baffled as to the motive behind him being shot to death.

His relatives yesterday called on the government to stop playing games with crime and make sure that laws are enforced.

“It is only when it reaches their doorstep, then people in the government would understand what crime is doing to this country,” said one relative, who did not wish to be named.

Police sources told Newsday that Seaton had gone to his friend’s home on 6th Street in Barataria at about 8.20 pm on Wednesday.

While he was in the living room watching TV, the woman went into the kitchen and then heard gunshots. She went back into the living room to see Seaton lying on the floor, where he bled to death as a result of gunshot wounds.

Relatives spoke briefly to Newsday, saying they did not know who would want to kill him or why.

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