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Monday 20 May 2019
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Woodbrook residents: Noise levels lower

While Lynette Dolly, president of the Woodbrook Residents’ Association, says there has been an improvement in decibel levels, especially at parties in the area, she is hoping Carnival Monday and Tuesday brings even greater improvements.

Newsday spoke to Dolly yesterday by phone.

In a letter to the paper’s editor published on Tuesday, Alban C Scott said Woodbrook residents bear the brunt of Carnival activities now, describing this as a form of terrorism “by all those who do not reside in this area and who fail to empathise with Woodbrook residents.” He suggested that Carnival be returned to the city centre “and restricted to the main streets such as Ariapita Avenue, Tragarete Road, Western Main Road, Wrightson Road and the foreshore. J’Ouvert specifically must be banned from the residential side streets in Woodbrook, St James and St Clair.”

But Dolly said, “Parties, so far, especially since that party at the Oval where the EMA (Environmental Management Authority) intervened, it has not been that bad.

They are trying to keep the level down at the parties.

“There has been some improvement. We are hoping on the Carnival days there will be even greater improvement.”

The EMA intervened at Tribe/Red Ant’s Stumped cooler fete at Queen’s Park Oval on January 13, which resulted in the promoters having to reduce the noise levels.

Dolly said the association was not invited to meet with the National Carnival Commission (NCC) this year, but met with police and, on Tuesday, with the EMA.

“But some of the bands who are passing through the Socadrome, they have promised to reduce the music when passing on the street with residents. We are only hoping that they do abide by that.”

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