Water party for Jouvay revellers

GENERATION Lion Jouvay masqueraders don the popular Lion masks.
GENERATION Lion Jouvay masqueraders don the popular Lion masks.

Generation Lion Jouvay will present Maroon – Escape the Plantation! for its J’Ouvert presentation as it celebrates 15 years on the road.

The band will partner with the Jamboulay Experience for a Jouvay party with breakfast and premium drinks from 3 am to 5.30 am. After the party, the band will cross the Queen’s Park Savannah stage at sunrise. From there masqueraders will head into St Clair and Maraval for a Jouvay water party from 7.30 am, to be followed by a cool down at Mandela Park, St James at9 am.

Pretty in Blue

Formed in 2003 the J’Ouvert band set as one of its targets the re-introduction of masking to the streets. To do that organisers conceived, sculpted and produced their own collector’s item lion masks, said a media release. The masks were launched on MSNBC network by the then Tourism and Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) which commissioned hundreds of the masks. The lion masks were a hit on the street, and since then thousands of J’Ouvert masqueraders have worn and collected them as art pieces.

The band’s all-inclusive package includes a Lion jersey, a goodie bag and food and drinks. Two music trucks, four DJs and guest artistes will keep revellers jumping.

Generation Lion Jouvay’s mas camp is located on the corner of Picton Street and Tragerete Road, Newtown.


"Water party for Jouvay revellers"

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