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Wednesday 17 July 2019
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Hikers should advise of routes

Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Martin Terry Rondon is appealing to hikers and campers who intend to spend their time in north-east Trinidad to inform the relevant authorities when they do so.

It is a norm during the Carnival season and Easter, for many to head to the beaches, especially those in the north-eastern areas: Toco, Matelot, Salybia and Balandra.

Rondon made this call after 16 campers had to be rescued from Madamas Bay, between Blanchisseuse and Matelot earlier this week. One was a 60-year-old man and another a six-month-pregnant woman. “These people were just five miles away from the Matelot area and nobody knew that they were down there camping. I am very upset about that,” he said.

He made the plea after the Sangre Grande Chamber met with residents on the issue of the highway from Cumuto to Mayaro at the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation. Rondon said all hikers and campers should report when they were coming into the area to the chairman’s office, councillor’s office and the police station.

“This thing happened in my area, from Madamas, and I had no idea that these people were out there. I was willing to assist.

The sea was a bit rough and I would have gotten assistance to get to these people, but no one knew of their whereabouts.

“For Carnival we always have people camping. I prepare for people who do not take part in Carnival. We always put our best foot forward, but some of them show total disrespect. I am saying to Trinidad and Tobago, Toco is ready for you all.

After seven years we now have a Cepep gang and these 13 people will be cleaning the beaches and rivers for us. We are going to prepare our facilities,” Rondon said.

He also asked people who were using the beaches to desist from drinking and driving, and to take care while driving, and complained about the way visitors disposed of their garbage. They come into our place and then they leave it in a mess after we prepare and clean for them.

“My appeal for this Carnival is to be careful. The police have been doing yeoman service,” Rondon said.

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