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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Relatives of missing scuba diver call for answers: Where is Chevon?

Chevon Bartholomew, 37, disappeared in the waters surrounding Gasparee Island after a routine dive yesterday.

Joanne Bartholomew, the mother of scuba diver and underwater specialist, Chevon Bartholomew says she is trying to remain optimistic after her son disappeared in the waters near Gasparee Island during a routine dive on Monday.

Bartholomew, 37 a diver attached to TrinDive Underwater Services Ltd along with his partner identified only as "Bee", reportedly underwent a contracted dive in the Gulf of Paria on Monday at around 10 am when both men reached a depth where there was limited light. The partner reportedly told investigators that he had difficulty seeing Bartholomew who disappeared behind him while he resurfaced.

However Bartholomew's mother says that there are a lot of unanswered questions in the circumstances surrounding her son's disappearance as they have not been able to speak to his partner and the company has not yet issued an official statement on his disappearance.


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