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Tuesday 18 September 2018
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Juniors get first taste of mas

Some of the masqueraders who participated in the St Anthony’s College annual kiddies Carnival parade at the school’s Westmooring grounds yesterday.

Carnival is often seen as a time for grown-ups when they parade through the streets or cross the “big stage” at Queen’s Park Savannah, but toddlers through pre-teens have shown they can have as good a time.

And they demonstrated just this yesterday as St Anthony’s College, Westmoorings, presented its 13th Junior Carnival Parade of the Bands 2018.

The programme may have gotten off to a bit of a late start, but that did not daunt the spirits of the youngsters as they ran, jumped and, most of all, danced to the latest soca hits, unmindful of the blazing afternoon sun.

They were truly children of Carnival as babes in arms were carried by their moms, toddlers were ran after as they passed by the judges in their excitement, and older children fought and won the battle with the sometimes high winds.

Nothing spoiled their afternoon as the 17 categories of children from throughout the country showed the true spirit of TT’s Carnival. The colours were vibrant, designs were simple and at times elaborate, but the joy, the apprehension that was coaxed into exuberance, was a simple joy to see.

Zalayhar Hassanali, widow of former president Noor Hassanali, poses with two masqueraders at the first junior Carnival parade for 2018 at the St Anthony’s College grounds in Westmoorings yesterday.

Lots of sequins and beads – no bikinis ­– several floats and even warriors, sea princesses and candy structures provided, visual food.

Zalayhar Hassanali, widow of former president Noor Hassanali and also patron of the school’s junior Carnival, said she was most impressed with the presentation.

“I think this year was very different, but I think it was well done, I really enjoyed it. They (children) were able to enjoy themselves and not have to go round and round like they had to do during the last times. They have done pretty well and the costumes were lovely, but the parents do a lot too to support the children. The groups and associations who got together to make the costumes have done an excellent job,” Hassanali said as she handed out awards to the winners.

School principal Maurice Inniss said while times have been tough to bring out Carnival parades because of lack of funding, he said there were several loyal sponsors who were stepping up.

“It is tough, it’s difficult so I am just looking forward to things getting better. It has been 13 years and there are people who are dedicated to us and there are people who give more and more every year. We intend for this to be the number one Kiddies’ Carnival event for Carnival,” he said.


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