A man for all governments

Jerry Hospedales
Jerry Hospedales

THE EDITOR: TT is blessed with many dedicated patriots who contribute towards improving our quality of life without ever been heard or recognised for their contributions.

There are teachers who stay in after school to help slow students, public servants who work long after their colleagues have left the office to complete their tasks.

There are sporting coaches who volunteer their time and services to the many sporting activities day after day for free.

From the fishermen and doubles vendors to the executives there are people who do what is required at the best of their ability without ever caring for recognition or praise.

Today I want to pay tribute to one such person. A public executive who has worked with almost every administration in the governance of TT with dignity and morality in public affairs. This son of our soil has been the chairman of one of the nation’s top football clubs since 1974.

In seeking to offer a viable alternative to a life of crime for youths in the San Juan/Laventille area, this person has dedicated most of his life to making the San Juan Jabloteh Football and Netball Club an avenue for youth in the area to excel. Consequently, Jabloteh has been responsible for launching the international football career of many national footballers and continues to be one of the most successful football clubs in TT.

This son of our soil, without fanfare, was one of the major personnel behind the formation of the Unit Trust Corporation, serving as its first executive director during the period 1982-1985. He humbly stood by as others took the credit for his ideas and hard work.

His contribution and advise were sought and utilised by every administration since 1968. His public service started with the Colonial Secretariat in the sixties and he later joined the Central Bank where he retired at the level of deputy governor. But he continued to live at home, never moving into the deputy governor’s residence nor accepting the security detail as he remained a simple person always in touch with the common man.

This patriot served as chairman of the Stock Exchange, chairman of the Clico Trust Corporation, chairman of the Tourism Business Development Company, chairman of Caroni (1975) Ltd and alternative executive director at the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC for many countries including TT, Colombia and Brazil.

One can go on and on about this individual’s public service but those who know him well will conclude that Jerry Adrian Charles Hospedales is simply a wonderful son of the soil who loves people, who prefers to let his action indicate his competence.

Today as our nation struggles with the economic challenges, crime and managerial issues we may well be comforted with the knowledge that our nation is blessed with some tremendously great people. We thank you Jerry Hospedales.

STEVE ALVAREZ via e-mail


"A man for all governments"

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