Staff back out at Caroni Licensing Office

Transport Commissioner Wayne Richards yesterday confirmed staff are back on the job at the Caroni Licensing Office. In an interview, Richards said everything at the office is now back to normal since Tuesday, and workers are no longer complaining about the office being too cold to work.

“Our dedicated workers were back out to work on Tuesday and Wednesday carrying out their duties as normal,“ he said.

”We still have technicians at the office looking at the air condition unit to ensure we do not have a repeat of the problem.

“While I don’t have all information on what happened with the air conditioning unit, since Tuesday we had visits from the PSA, OSHA and the contractors monitoring the situation. Workers are out and carrying out their duties.”

On Monday, members of the public were turned away because some of the staff complained the office was too cold owing to a malfunctioning air conditioning unit.

The service section on the ground floor of the building was left without staff as a result.


"Staff back out at Caroni Licensing Office"

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