Newsday online launches Carnival section

Looking to keep track of all Carnival activities?

Newsday’s website has launched its Carnival section, documenting the fetes, music, pan and powder from the earliest fetes of the season to the very last feather lying abandoned on the Savannah stage on Carnival Tuesday evening.

The Newsday Carnival section will be a digital guide to events, artiste interviews, photos and everything related to Carnival 2018.

All Carnival-related content can be found on in a melee of colourful and vibrant images, dynamic interviews with musicians, both popular and new, the news that affects the season and the strands that bring it all together.

The online portal was launched on Thursday and remains present through the national festival, consistently updating with new images and stories of Carnival events, a live events calendar and the latest information on calypso, mas, soca and pan.

The coverage also expands to Newsday’s social media pages, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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"Newsday online launches Carnival section"

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