My problem with the ‘cutback wine’

THE EDITOR: Lately I have been listening to some ole-time calypso and pan music, because I am an old-timer. I was enjoying the music of some great arrangers like Burt Innis, Ron Berridge, Ed Watson, Earl “Barney” Rodney, Clive Bradley, Beverly Griffith, Lennox “Bobby” Mohammed, Anthony Williams, Art De Coteau, and others.

However, in-between the music I “stole ah wine” by myself.

I did a slow wine and several jooks. I also did the half wine and dollar wine, because we are in the so-called wining season.

After all that drama, I got sufficient quantities of Bengue’s Balsam and WD40 to assist in my recovery.

The condition of my body demanded I had to cutback on wining.

During my festive interlude, it dawned on me that the Government is doing the “cutback wine,” cutting back on this and cutting back on that.

As a matter of fact, as a pensioner the cutbacks I could take are on crime, taxation, rate increases, and political promises. However, those cutbacks are not happening. That’s my dilemma.



"My problem with the ‘cutback wine’"

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