Murder accused escapee nabbed in Aranguez

Breaking news. File photo
Breaking news. File photo


A man accused of murder, who escaped from custody in November, was nabbed while travelling with three other men and a woman on Thursday afternoon.

When Hamilton Small was found, he gave police a false name. However, when he was photographed and his prints taken, they matched with the file under his real name.

He had escaped on November 27 while being taken from the prisoner escort vehicle to the holding cell at the Arima Magistrates Court.

Small was detained in a cell at the Barataria police station with the three men he was found with. The woman was taken to the Morvant station.

Police said around 5.30 pm on Thursday, North Eastern Division Task Force members, led by Cpl Pierre, were told Small was in a car seen on the Aranguez Main Road. Police were posted at various points along the road and, around 5.45 pm, they saw a car with five people. They stopped the car and searched the occupants, who all gave fictitious names.

Small is expected to be handed over to the Homicide Bureau today.

Yesterday, senior officers said Small and the other people are expected to be photographed and profiled by other arms of the Police Service. They are also expected to be questioned about several shootings and murders committed in December last year and earlier this month.


"Murder accused escapee nabbed in Aranguez"

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