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Friday 17 August 2018
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Soca and pan

Desperadoes players gave a fantastic showing for the judges.


It was pure music rivalry on a night for love as the seven large conventional steel orchestras in the North Zone competed in the preliminary round for the National Panorama competition last Monday.

The event saw several soca artistes performing in the panyards before the steelbands played their songs for the judges.

Arranger Professor Liam Teague with Nutrien Silver Stars players.

Ultimate Rejects performed three times on the night, with their Lightening Flash at Massy Trinidad All Stars on Duke Street, Nutrien Silver Stars on Tragarete Road and Inside the Festival at Shell Invaders at the Queen’s Park Oval.

Shell Invaders perform under the direction of arranger Arddin Herbert.

Reigning Soca Monarch Aaron “Voice” St Louis performed his hit Year for Love at Desperadoes on Tragarete Road, while Kees Dieffenthaller was dancing to his song Hello at Phase II Pan Groove, Hamilton Street, Woodbrook.

An ecstatic Duvonne Stewart during bpRenegades performance.

The soca element brought many young people into the Panorama fold for the first time, a sign of encouragement for the movement.




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