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Tuesday 22 October 2019
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‘Rasta Boss’ killed

‘Rasta Boss’ killed

Rasta Boss
Rasta Boss


The couple found wrapped in bedsheets at Mon Plaisir Road, Cunupia on Monday were identified at the Forensic Science Centre yesterday. The woman is 27-year-old Sarah Joseph of Freeman Road, St Augustine, and the 27-year-old man’s relatives gave his name as Keron Martin, alias “Stars” and “Rasta Boss” of Madras Road, Cunupia.

Both died from gunshot wounds according to an autopsy done yesterday.

Joseph’s relatives told Newsday she was last seen on Saturday when she told them that she was going to a birthday party with Martin, who was suspected to have affiliations with the Rasta City gang.

Sarah Joseph

They described her as a humble person who worked three jobs to maintain her two children, ages 8 and 11.

They said she and Martin were not in a relationship to their knowledge but, for about a year, Martin would visit the yard where Joseph and her family lived. They said from time to time he would even sleep there, but would spend the night at another person’s house in the same yard.

Her mother Dianne told Newsday the last time she spoke with Joseph, she promised she would be back home soon but she never returned.

“Her brother saw her in the market on Saturday when they went to sell, but around 1 pm on Sunday I called her and we spoke,” Dianne said.

“She said when she was done cooking at a place where she worked, she would come home, but when we see 9 o’clock reach and she didn’t come home, her son called her. She told him that she was coming home Monday morning to make sure they went to school.”

However when she did not return on Monday, relatives made a report to Tunapuna police and were told about the bodies found on Monday, but they were unable to identify Joseph until yesterday. While Newsday was unable to reach relatives of Martin, Joseph’s relatives said they did not know much about him, but noted that he was always pleasant to them.

Martin’s Facebook profile, however, contained pictures of high-powered rifles, illegal substances and several images lauding the Rastafari culture.

Keron “Rasta Boss” Martin.

In his last post on January 15, he said: “Lies, deceit, disloyalty is the main thing a ni**a does have to deal with everyday once you living.”

Earlier on in the month he said, “Life so funny an stink yuh hadda watch ur own...real talk (sic).”

In November 2017, he posted another status which read, “If God has a reason for me on this earth, no man can’t take me from it. Wounds heal. On the road again.”

On July 17 he celebrated having all eight of his police charges dismissed in the Chaguanas court.

Newsday was told that when Martin’s relatives were at the Forensic Science Centre, they confessed to police that he was suspected of being involved with the notorious Rasta City Gang despite being told to stay away from them.

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