Probe reasons for crime here

THE EDITOR: I believe it has become vital that the experts here undertake an in-depth investigation into the crime scenario. The investigation should include the following:

a. Why are so many people indulging committing crimes?

b. What is the age group of those involved in serious crimes?

c. Which racial group is responsible for most of the serious crimes?

d. What has generated so many of our citizens to become criminals since independence?

e. Does criminality have anything to do with bad parenting or poor education?

f. Is the expansion of crime related to the increase in poverty?

With the answers to these questions, then perhaps the experts could find the real reasons for TT becoming a haven for criminals and do something to alter the expanding trend of criminality that has now taken hold of this nation.

GA MARQUES via e-mail


"Probe reasons for crime here"

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