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Friday 17 August 2018
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Jaden’s parents plan legal action


Relatives of Jaden Pereira, whose skull was fractured when he was beaten by other students at Signal Hill Secondary school last week Wednesday, is considering legal action against the Education Department and Tobago police.

His father Sean Pereira, along with grandmother Erica Pereira, represented by attorney Martin George, spoke to reporters yesterday. George said the authorities must treat this matter as critical to ensure that such an incident does not recur.

“We are calling on the Chief Secretary (of the Tobago House of Assembly) Kelvin Charles to immediately indicate what plans he has for Jaden’s rehabilitation, the cost of his home health care and intervention and support to assist him in his academics during the recovery process. Also, what are the plans to improve health and safety of students in schools.”

George added, “When do we say, ‘Enough is enough’? Is it that someone must die for us to take a stand against bullying in schools? There is more that needs to be done and we are saying we intend to pursue all legal options. We are calling on the police to pursue action in terms of ensuring charges are laid against the people responsible.”

He added that Jaden’s family is also holding the THA’s Division of Education, Innovation and Energy, the THA chief secretary, the Ministry of Education and Signal Hill’s school principal accountable.

The Form Five student was hit in the head after a dispute with other students and fell unconscious. He was taken to Scarborough General Hospital and later flown to Port of Spain General Hospital for further medical assistance.

His father Sean Pereira said his son still experiences dizzy spells and headaches. He is expected to undergo further surgery in a few months.

George charged that the Tobago Divisional Task Force must do more to prevent future similar circumstances in schools. adding that Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams must present a report on the status of the investigation immediately. He said bullying in schools has reached uncontrollable levels.


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