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Monday 20 May 2019
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Three months jail for beating wife

A Claxton Bay man was yesterday jailed for three months, and placed on a three-year bond to keep the peace, for beating his wife at their home last Friday. If he breaks the bond, he could be sent to jail again.

Narindra Samdeo, 43, first appeared before Magistrate Cherril-Ann Antoine on Monday charged with assault by beating. He pleaded guilty and was taken back to court yesterday for sentencing.

On Monday, prosecutor Cleyon Seedan told the court that around 11.50 pm on Friday, PC Nagesar of the St Margaret’s police station went to Samdeo’s home after receiving a report of assault. When he got to the house, Nagesar met the 37-year-old mother of three who told him, “Officer that is my husband who beat me.” Nagesar asked Samdeo if he heard what the woman said and Samdeo replied, “Boss I really beat she.” Samdeo was arrested and the woman was taken to the Couva Health Facility where she was seen by a doctor.

Seedan said the woman had been beaten on her head, back, neck and hit in the stomach – in the same area where she was recently cut for a surgery, causing the wound to “open.”

Yesterday, Samdeo was represented by attorney Ainsley Lucky who told the court that his client had a clean criminal record and asked that his guilty plea be considered during sentencing.

He said the incident occurred during a passionate moment and Samdeo had unfortunately lost his cool. Lucky said the behaviour was out of character. He said Samdeo was begging his wife for forgiveness and was hopeful he could move on with her and his family.

But when the victim was asked to speak in court, she said the incident was not an isolated one.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said her husband began abusing her when she got pregnant with their eldest child who is now 12 years old. She said she had been married for the past 14 years. She said she didn’t mind if Samdeo was released but she wanted protection for herself and her children because they do not feel safe.

Antoine asked her if she had ever been to the hospital for injuries sustained during the beatings and she said she had avoided going to the hospital in the past as she didn’t want her husband arrested.

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