Passing of a model citizen

THE EDITOR: I considered it an honour to have been accorded the privilege to say a few words of appreciation of the late Brenda Hilary Enid Renwick who departed this life on December 13, 2017. Brenda was the wife of some 50 years of well-known and long-standing and respected journalist David Renwick. Funeral service and cremation were on “home soil” at Belgroves.

I would say that Brenda was the perfect example of what the “good citizen” should be. Indeed, there was never an issue involving what I have dubbed “The Jewel of the East,” ie, Trincity, in which Brenda did not find herself immersed and this, at personal sacrifice by herself and David. For this, all residents of Trincity are eternally grateful. Her passing has therefore left a void within our community.

Brenda’s commitment to our neighbourhood is demonstrated by her deep concern that corrective action be taken regarding flooding in the neighbourhood which had occurred a day or two before her passing.

Not surprisingly, she had taken an active part in meetings on issues requiring environmental assessment such as the then proposed crematorium and the preservation of the ecology of the Orange Grove Savannah.

Indeed, it is no exaggeration to conclude that Brenda’s interest was spread well beyond the immediate “precincts” of her dwelling. Her interest was spread throughout “The Jewel of the East,” whether it be the Trincity Mall, the Centre of Excellence, or the never-ending traffic pile-ups.

From very early in her and David’s residency, Brenda would find herself headlong almost immediately to render whatever assistance she felt she could render at sites of car accidents which used to be a regular feature prior to the erection of traffic lights at the intersection of Orange Grove Main Road and the C-R Highway.

These foregoing examples demonstrate the type of individual that was Brenda Renwick — never letting up on endeavouring to finding a solution for any matter which she thought to be detrimental to the citizenry of Trincity. Her wonderful unselfish traits deserve emulation. Finally, it was no doubt deserving, on her part, that Brenda’s passing was apparently swift and painless. May her soul rest in peace.



"Passing of a model citizen"

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